Double on the Linville River

Happy Easter from Mountain Troutfitters

Double on the Linville River

Double on the Linville River

Happy Easter to all our followers out there! Easter marks the kick off to our “guiding” season. Opening day for the Hatchery Supported waters is less then a week away so be prepared for people getting ready to get out and play. All of us at Mountain Troutfitters have been on the water fairly regular this past month and the fishing has been grand! We had some trips out on “The Farm” and the Watauga river tailrace this past week. Fishing on the Linville river was superb. Several rainbows were landed in the 11-15 inch range with a smattering of browns in between. We had the pleasure of taking Kathy, Collin, Kyle and A.D. from Florida. Unfortunately Rick the husband/father couldn’t join us. Rick was busy down in the tropics somewhere filming his latest fishing show, while the rest of the family was fly fishing in God’s Country in the mountains of Western North Carolina, bless his heart! The weather has been nothing short of fabulous once again this week all except Monday, which of course just so happened to be the day Brandon was out on the Watauga with Steve and Colvin. The infamous caddis hatch on the Watauga is so close it is driving us crazy! On the float Monday we had to combat high water and freezing cold temperatures but still managed to have an awesome time on the water! So here is the scoop on what is hot right now.

Watauga River rainbow

Delayed Harvest

The delayed harvest fish, on the North Toe in particular are finally starting to wise up now. Fish are still being caught on your typical DH fly patterns that looks like Skittles in various shapes and sizes. But, we have definitely had the best luck throwing bigger naturals. Size 12-14 soft hackles and mega princes have been killing it. With the more constant pressure of fisherman and the fish wising up don’t be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone and try the intimidating bugs you have in your boxes that make you feel like you have to have a Phd in dynamic nymphing to use. We all have our confidence flies and rigs but sometimes that just won’t get the job done.

Wild Waters

Dry dropper fishing has been hit or miss on wild water in these parts right now but is always my go to. Double nymph rigs are absolutely deadly on wild water but I feel so dirty doing it so I tend to avoid it, unless there is no one around. I just love tying up big foam dries, throwing a spool of tippet in my pocket and getting lost on a mountain stream, that defines wild waters for me. Having some big PT’s and golden stones under an indicator or big Elk hair caddis is hard to beat right now.

Rainbow on "The Farm"

Rainbow on “The Farm”

Watauga/South Holston

Brandon with Watauga river brown trout

Brandon with Watauga river brown trout

Depending on what the TVA is doing has been a huge factor in how the fishing has been right now. TVA has been giving a lot of wading schedules on the Soho right now. Don’t head out without olive micro mays sizes 18-22, black fly larva size 20, and CDC comparadun BWO’s sizes 18-22. ┬áLike we had mentioned earlier we are waiting on the caddis to come out and play on the Watauga. We have been fishing heavy bounce rigs with cased olive caddis but most of the fish still coming on small zebra midges in olive and black with the occasional look at some small CDC’s up top.

If we can help you guys in away like always don’t hesitate to give us a ring or shoot us an email. We would be happy to help you in anyway that we can. If you would like to book a guide trip act fast as April is filling up fast!



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